Cinematic Settings

There are a few settings we can use to make our footage look awesome and similar to the movies. These will be subtle changes that combine to make a big difference. We would always recommend shooting in manual mode.


Films almost always shoot a 24fps. This will give you the best look without creating huge files. The only times we would consider changing this is if you want slow motion footage. You can, for example, shoot at 60 fps and slow it down to 24fps when is comes to editing to slow the footage down 2 and a half times.

Shutter Speed

The shutter speed should generally be double the framerate. So if you are shooting at 24 fps it is generally a good idea to have a 1/50 sec shutter speed. If you want to shoot some slow motion at 60fps a 1/120 sec shutter speed should work fine. These settings will give you a really nice motion blur making shots look more professional. For most drone ND filters would be required to so this.


ISO is the sensitivity of the sensor. You should always shoot on the lowest possible setting which on most drones will be ISO 100. This will be you the best image quality. If however you need more light and cannot adjust anything else to let more light, such as shooting at night, it may be worth pushing the ISO up a little.

White Balance

We would always recommend shooting the White Balance in manual mode. The white balance will effect the colour of the scene you are shooting. If you have it set to automatic if may change half way through a shot (particularly when changing direction), this can look very amateur. The white balance is often fine left at 5500 kelvin. This would be the best setting for most days but can always be easily tweaked after if shot in manual mode.