ND filters

Do you want to make you drone footage look professional and cinematic? ND filters are a great way to start. They allow you to adjust the amount of light the camera on you drone takes in giving you control of the shutter speed. They are also surprisingly affordable from the right places. ND filters help you to:

  • Take smooth cinematic footage
  • Take awesome photos with long exposures

How to Use ND Filters

ND filters can be used with 2 simple steps.

Firstly, set the shutter speed you would like to use. For cinematic footage you want roughly double the framerate you are shooting on. Generally 1/50th sec shutter is what you will want as a 24 fps framerate is best to use for cinematic footage. If however you want to shoot at 60 fps a 1/125 sec shutter speed will work well.

Next attach the the correct ND filter. To do this hold different ND filters in front of the camera. If the exposure is too dark, try a lighter ND filter. If it is to bright, try a lighter one. Once correctly exposed you know you have the correct filter and you are ready to go. Generally the ND32 and ND16 will be great for bright sunny days and the ND 8 and 4 will do better in overcast and lower light conditions.