Top 5 Quality Drones

1. Mini 2

Great quality no hassle. The Mini 2’s sub 250 gram weight not only means it is light and portable, but more importantly it surpasses the drone laws in most countries, meaning it can be flown in more places with less hassle than larger drones. It offers the perfect balance of convenience, performance and functionality.

2. Air 2S

Take professional quality footage with ease. The Air 2S is is a great all in one drone. It has everything you need from a professional drone with a 1-inch sensor found on the more expensive drones. It is a legacy drone may restrict where you can fly it in Europe without qualifications.

3. Mavic Air 2

High Quality footage and huge photographs in a small and light package. A great all round drone with a small price tag.

4. Mavic 2 Pro

Made for professionals. High quality image capture with sensors on every side.

5. Inspire 2

Used by profession filmmakers, creativity will be you only limit. Changeable lens’, sensors on all sides including above plus tons of other features and benefits.